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Welcome to Kpop-Fanfiction! were you can read all kpop idol and you story. Kpop-Fanfiction was created for you to read many fanfiction story about you and your favorite kpop idol. So enjoy your staying and don't forget to leave your comment at the chat box, thank you~ have a nice day!


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LAYOUT BY: Nana & Chazz unnie
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Nostalgic Mist



Nana @ Dorkistic

Hey guys,

It's been a while since the last time I post in here. I missed you guys I hope you missed me too. Lol
So I was thinking since it's been awhile since I used this blogspot and it already change the layout I don't know much anymore here. I was thinking if I should continue writing or drop this page down. What o you guys think?

Just comment or go to the chatbox I wanna know you opinion about this.

DATE:Sunday, December 16, 2012 TIME:{12:52 AM} COMMENTS: (2) REPLIES

Featured Stories

Title: The Promise
Starring: Park Yoochun , Song Eunhye |Fictional|

Because of an accident they meet each other and become friend but every story has a sad part that they have to separate with each other. So they make a 'promise' to each other....[Read More]

Title: Before you go
Starring: Kim Jaejoong , You |The reader|, Jung Yunho

Three bestfriend grown up together and shared some dreams together. You thank God for giving them to you, they been your light at your darkness world, they been your strength with you feel giving up, they been your everything ever since you meet them...[Read More]

Title: Eternity
Starring: Lee Byunghyun |L.Joe of Teentop|, You |The Reader|, Kim Myungsoo |L of Infinite|

Eternity is based on a forbidden love between a vampire and human on 16th century. [Your Name] is a royal blood vampire felt in love to a human name Lee Byunghyun. They fall in love at first sight when.....[Read More]

DATE:Tuesday, August 2, 2011 TIME:{5:22 AM} COMMENTS:

New Layout~

Hello Kpop-Lovers~! Kpop-Fanfiction has a new layout made by wonderful unnies of Dorkistic Designed, nana and chazz. This time Kpop-Fanfiction will feature the new kpop boy group 'BOYFRIEND'. I know everyone of you already heard them so yeah, I'm not going to introduce them :)).

So I hope you like my new layout featuring 'BOYFRIEND' because I really like it. Thank you nana and chazz unnie for another great layout. Love you guys your the best of the best :)). Enjoy staying at KF guys. Oh another promotion please check out A.C Entertainment if your interested to do covering songs from your favorite idol group. We're hiring staff for now but I soon open the audition form for trainees :)).

Please do visit it if you guys have time. Thank you~!

DATE:Tuesday, July 5, 2011 TIME:{10:02 PM} COMMENTS: